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gay in vienna is more than just another tourist guide. the website combines state of the art technology and design. We are the first english website that caters excusively to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual tourists in vienna. Of course Viennese are also very welcome to use our service. We want to accompany you from your travel decision to your arrival by plane, train or car, during your stay, until you depart again. And hopefully you will share your experiences and adventures with us and our community.

gay in vienna luggage tag
Luggage tag

We cannot - and do not want to - enlist every venue that could be of any interest for tourists or locals. We are pretty sure how to use your Lonely Planet Guide. gay in vienna should be the extension of your regular tourist guide. We include bars, clubs, cafés, hotels and a lot of other venues, that rather specialize on LGBT-persons or consider themselves as gayfriendly. Additionaly, we identify sights and venues of general interest. We provide you with up-to date information about what is going on in the city and particularly when. As a matter of fact, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the dates and information enliseted on our website. gay in vienna is work in progress, as new clubs will open and other venues will close down forever. Locals will tell you how their perfect day in Vienna looks like and share some secret tipps and much more.

Right now, this website is still a beta-version, meaning that we are still testing the site and continue adding further events and venues. During the beta-phase, some bugs may ocurr and we therfore kindly ask our users to report them to us.The website can be displayed on every smartphone with a browser without the loss of readability. You can even add gay in vienna to your homescreen and use the website like an iPhone or Android app.

gay in vienna at the Rainbow Parade
Rainbow Parade

The travel assistant enables you to add and organize the events and venues you plan to visit. Per drag-and-drop you can bring them in chronological order, save them on your desktop PC and retrieve them on your mobile device. You can also print your travel plan and take it with you, just in case you are not able to access the internet at your destination. Ratings and commentaries by locals and other users shold help you to make the best out of your vacation or weekend in Vienna. We ask you to let other users know your opinion about the events and venues you have visited through rating and commenting on your own. You can also plan the route from your current position to a certain venue in question, provided that your device or browser enables location-based functions.

The access and content of the website is completely free. If you want to access these additional services, we ask you to log-in via registration or facebook connect (e.g. to make comments or vote). If you have questions about our privacy policy, please access them in the corresponding section (imprint) on our website.

If you want to meet locals, you can indicate that other user may be allowed to watch your profile and contact you through the communication methods you indicate in your profile. After the beta-phase we plan to lauchn applications for iOS and Android mobile devices, so that using our services will be even more easier to access.

We wish you a lot of fun with gay in vienna and look forward to your feedback!


your gay in vienna team