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GAY IN MOTION is your App of choice for all gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender persons living in Vienna or spending their vacation in the city. It’s the App from GAY IN VIENNA and provides you with everything you need and what makes Vienna so interesting for LGBT.

You will find bars, cafés, restaurants, clubs, saunas, shopping facilities - everything a gay or lesbian heart may wish for. Additionally you’ll get cool tipps for spending your leisure time in the city. Other users rate the locations and events and you can read their comments or rate and comment yourself.

The app works seamlessly together with - everything you bookmark on the website will be available in the app, too and vice versa.


The only information we require is your location for the “around me” search and registration with an e-mail adress so that the website and the app can work together. You also don’t need to give the permission for your current location, if you don’t want that.


  • Complete event guide
  • All TOP locations and TOP events
  • Predefined quick search with icons
  • Around me search on a map
  • Travel Assistant for bookmarking your favorite events and locations
  • Ratings and comments from other users


Immediately on the start page you’ll find several icons that lead you to the following categories: gay and lesbian bars, cafés and clubs; shopping; gay and gay-friendly hotels and appartments; arts and culture; wellness, sports and gay beaches; information, LGBT ressources and health as well as locations and events for adults only.


On a map you’ll be able to see your current location and all LGBT or gay-friendly locations in your proximity. You can easily make your choice where you want to spend your time.


The search enebles you to choose between GAY, LESBIAN and TRANSGENDER and several other categories so you can find all the information you want - in general or in a specified period of time. You can also bookmark your searches and use them later again.


You can bookmark and store all the events and locations you want to visit. You cann add them on the website to the travel assistant and find them later in the app, edit them and add new ones.


If you have any questions or problems please contact us here. In the following section we provide you with FAQs. Hopefully your questions will be answered there.


Yes, GIM is free and will always be free.

Why is it called GAY IN MOTION and not GAY IN VIENNA?

For the time being, only locations and events in Vienna (Austria) are included in the app. We plan to include more cities in the near future. The app will be able to find you on the map and automatically show you the events and locations of the nearest city we will include.

Can I use GIM offline?

For now, you have to be connected to the internet. Therefore connection costs can occurr. If you don’t have an Austrian SIM-Card, we totally recommend to buy a pre-paid Internet SIM-Card. Prices start at EUR 8.00 for 4 GB of Data and you don’t have to register in Austria. These data SIM cards are available everywhere in Austria, from supermarkets to tabac shops.