Boylesque Festival Vienna 2015 Review

Mr. Gorgeous Boylesque Festival Vienna

If you didn’t go to the Boylesque Festival Vienna this year, well - it’s your own fault. Jacques Patriaque has presented more than fantastic artists the crème de la crème of the international Boylesque community.. The Viennese audience is actually notorious for its restraint, but the performances of the Boylesque artists have almost swept us away.

The World Famous BOB hosted the evening and entchanted with her felicitous announcements and commentaries. There wouldn’t have been a better host for the festival and the stage bears who cleaned the stage for the next artists where almost a show act on their own. “Kisses, Poldi!”

Finale Boylesque Festival Vienna Yodeling Lederhosen 2015

All performers where gret - our personal favourit - as you might notice because of the little photo gallery on the left - was Chris Harder - popular and famous in the worldwiede gay community for his - let’s say less ambiguous performances - in luster films from studios like CockyBoys. We were crazy about his “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” act. Well cowboys are still very hot …

The most innovative and humorous performance was - in our opinon - the one of producer and front man Jacques Patriaque. When he landed on the stage as Martian along with the title music of the movie “Mars Attaks” we couldn’t hold ourselves anymore. He has definitively conquered us earthlings with his show and when when his head exploded when the Polka sound started, we were really sad, that he left the stage.

Thank you so much Jacques, it was such a blast and we can’t wait for Boylesque Festival Vienna 2016!