Kibbutz Klub

Kibbutz Klub gay Vienna Wien schwul Queer Hebrews

Kibbutz Klub

Kibbutz Klub Club U gay vienna wien schwul

The winner of one of our raffles from Zurich has redeemed his gift coupon - he won a weekend in Vienna in a fantastic Suite at Hotel ZEITGEIST Vienna - and certainly we wanted to show him something unique, something that can’t be found in every European city. The parties in Vienna are usually great, but you can find the same type of guy all over the world, like those gay muscle clones. So we decided to take him out to Kibbutz Klub - hosted by the Queer Hebrews - at Club U.

The location

Club U

Club U is located in a fin-de-siecle subway station by Otto Wagner. Admirers of fine architecure and Art Noveau will love the place. The Club is on two floors and there’s entries on both floors. The wardrobe is in the upper area. The best thing about the Club: The huge garden with tables and seats in front of the former subway station. We were lucky with the weather and were able to cool off after some hot time on the dancefloor.

Unusual for tourists: Smoking is permitted all over the premisses: at the bars and also on the dancefloor. Club U is perfectly reachable by public transport - it’s directly connected to U1, U2 and U4. And the subway is running all night long in Vienna in intervalls of 15 minutes on the weekends and before public holidays.

The audience

Kibbutz Club Club U gay vienna wien schwul

A very refreshing mix of all genders, ages, religions and sexual orientations taking themselves not to seriously. You could meet the suit guy, Austrian Lederhosen and the weired fur coat lady (in september) and everyone got along well: Lesbians, bisexuals, gays heteros and trans, everybody was welcome and actually, according to our observations, everybody really felt welcome.

The music

Kibbutz Klub Club U gay vienna wien schwul

The discription on Kibbutz Klub’s Facebook Page really met our expectations: Isra-Trash.

Trash meets Trash: DJ Aviv without the Tel (Berlin Meschugge, Berlin) provided us with the Iyra-Trash and DJ J’aime Julien - also working the turntables of Malefiz in Vienna - got us the Eurotrash. It was a melange of Brittney Spears, Dana International and Hava Nagila. Not everybody likes that, but the DJs really knew how to keep up the atmosphere and the track list was perfectly balanced so that everybody got what he was waiting for. And hey, the motto still is Isra-Trash.

The visuals a la Hart and Hart were created by VJ Aliks.

The righ time

Kibbutz Klub Club U Garten

The same night, two other big gay parties took place. The doors of the Otto-Wagner-Pavillion swung open at 10 pm. We showed up around 11.30 pm and the Club was already - peasently - crowded and the dancefloor full of people. But we didn’t have to que up for entry. The real thing started around 1 pm - one could hardly move without close physical contact on the lower decks, but that’s why we go to gay parties, don’t we?

The drinks

Kibbutz Klub Bar Cocktails gay vienna wien schwul

The first turn left on the upper floor and you’ll find the Cocktail Bar with a huge selection of different drinks with really favourable prices. Who could spot a Mojito for EUR 7.00 at a Club recently? And not only the prices are good, but also the cocktails. And with fancy decoration, too - little glowing sticks in the glasses, for example. Unfortuanately, Goldstar beer (the good one from Israel) ran out around 1.30 am.

The money

With EUR 6.00 cover fee, cocktail prices also around EUR 7.00 and a large bottle of Austrian beer at EUR 3.80, the prices are very reasonable and appropriate.

The recommendation

Next time, you gotta be there, too. Kibbutz Klub is really fun and is different from the usual gay clones style parties in gay Vienna. We were absolutely right taking our Swiss guest there, cause he really enjoyed it and looks forward to coming back to Vienna.