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Cruising areas and glory holes in Vienna

Cruising is defenitively a part of gay culture and tradition. Every area we list ist AYOR - AT YOUR OWN RISK - and we really ask you to take care of yourself and always use a condom. Vienna is a very safe place in general, but there is no guarantee of course. There are places with a lot of hustlers also, so please make sure in advance, that there is no payment involved before the fun starts. A lot of boys from the neighboring countries hope to make their lives better and therefore we really recommend you to visit the - very many - cruising bars and clubs - where your satisvaction is guaranteed.

But for sure, outdoor activities and cruising has a certain kick and we wish you fun checking out the places mentioned down below.

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Wienerberg Teich Crouising Area
Wienerberg Teich
1010 Wien

Wienerberg und Lake Wienerberg are a local recreation area in the south of Vienna, in Favoriten (10th district). There’s a nudist area and closoe to it a gay beach and cruising area.

2620 Neunkirchen

Hier ein Tipp für Autofahrer in der Nähe von Wien. Bei der Auffahrt zur A2 (Südautobahn) treffen sich die Cruiser am Mitfahrerparkplats unter der Woche in den Abendstunden ab 20:00 Uhr, am Wochenende meist auch schon Nachmittags.

1010 Wien

In der Venediger Au gleich neben dem Riesenrad bietet sich die Gelegenheit zum Cruising. Der Platz ist allerdings nicht ganz so versteckt und in der Freizeit sind dort viele Menschen unterwegs.

Zieglergasse 38
1070 Wien

Wer’s mag findet in der Männertoilette des U-Bahnhofs Zieglergasse U§ (orange Linie) Gelegenheit zu Cruisen.

Wienerberg Gay Cruising Area
Erholungsgebiet Wienerberg
1100 Wien

In Favoriten, Vienna’s 10th district you’ll in the recreational area “Wienerberg” there’s a nudist area. Right next to it is the gay cruising area (where the reed grows). It’s accessible through the parking lot Triester Straße and Hertha-Firnberg-Straße.

Döblinger Hauptstraße
1190 Wien

This cruising area is also in a pretty conservative living area in Vienna’s 19th district, far away from the gay community in Vienna.

1180 Wien

This park is a little far from the gay community in the 18th district close to the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU)

Schweizer Garten
1030 Wien

Schweizer Garten is pretty close to the new central station of Vienna.

Always open
1010 Wien

Cruising area just around the corner of the city hall.

Toter Grund Donauinsel Wien
Always open
Toter Grund
1220 Wien

Toter Grund is on the Danube Island on the New Danube side in the area reserved for nude bathing. It’s a beautiful nature reserve with some endangered species. There are small cool ponds on the islands - even in the midst of the summer heat and some restaurants are around. Getting there takes you rather long, as you have to walk relatively long. This place is very cruisey.