Afro Rainbow Austria Community Talk

The constant control and abuse of BPoC (Black and People of Color)-LGBTIQ+ bodies is increasing - especially in the wake of ever increasing right-wing populism and right-wing politics.

We are convinced that we can counter this together - through cohesion and mutual protection. But how do we develop an understanding of alliances and solidarity? How do we communicate, share resources and information to build a strong network?

This event brings us wonderful activists* who will discuss it with YOU!

Afro Rainbow Austria Community Talk
Titica (Titica Cantora), Trans musician and activist (Angola)

Monica Benicio, Human rights defender (Brazil)

Rachael Moore, Human rights defender (Belgium)

Estelle Prudent, Artist & activist (France)

Faris Cuchi Gezahegn, Artist & Activist (Ethiopia/Austria), Afro Rainbow Austria

Joëlle Sambi, Artist & activist (Belgium), European Lesbian* Conference

Faika El-Nagashi, Politician & activist (Austria), Member of the Vienna Provincial Parliament

Henrie Dennis, Activist (Nigeria/Austria), Founder and Director Afro Rainbow Austria, Co-Chair European Lesbian* Conference

Vegan finger food & drinks after the discussion!