Diversity Ball 2018

Diversity has never been so colourful - the ball night of togetherness shows what joie de vivre is!

The Diversity Ball at the Kursalon Wien stands for colourfulness, joie de vivre and the cooperation of people - with all their differences. On this one night we celebrate the world as it should be! Colourful and barrier-free! www.diversityball.at

Diversity Ball 2017

The most multifaceted ball of the year: On May 5,2018, the Diversity Ball will be held for the 11th time on a uniquely colorful and atmospheric ball party night. The exuberant and connecting atmosphere and a cooperation like no other makes the Diversity Ball at Kursalon Wien so special.

In 2018, the motto is “Your time is now”. The entire Kursalon becomes a time machine on the evening of the ball, which guides the guests through the past until now. Musically they will be enchanted with electrifying swing, groovy disco, trashy 90s and ball classics. All ball giants are supposed to be stars on the red carpet. If you want to dress up for the evening in the run-up, there are all kinds of possibilities open to you - from evening gowns to body painting, from 20s to 90s - at the Diversity Ball you can see the weirdest outfits and ball gowns. No matter what era or style - the Diversity Ball is looking forward to welcoming all its visitors. Exclusion has no chance in this party night, the focus is on a feeling of solidarity. Everything is allowed and everyone is welcome, without question about gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, origin or religion.

Diversity Ball 2017

The end-to-end accessibility includes everyone - the organisation ensures wheelchair accessibility, menu cards in Braille as well as presentation and midnight quadrille in sign language. In addition, Communication Angels support the deaf and hearing impaired in entertainment - light-hearted and uncomplicated. A 3D model helps blind people to find their way around and pickup dancers ensure that everyone on the dance floor really feels the joy of life.

Diversity Ball 2017

The Diversity Ball manages to connect different worlds and turn society upside down. Everything is allowed, everything is possible “, says Monika Haider, ball mother and managing director of equalizent, Austria’s leading institute for deafness, heaviness and diversity management.

We are looking forward to the Diversity Ball and of course we will be back live for you to report and take pictures. So there is no help at all, get a ticket and celebrate the diversity in Austria and Vienna with us! And don’t forget we also have a lot of fun with it!

What: 11th Diversity Ball
Whan: May 5th, 2018 at 8 pm
Where: Kursalon Wien, Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Wien
Tickets: EUR 55,00 standard, EUR 45,00 reduced

Photos from Diversity Ball 2017

To get you in the mood for this year’s ball we have summarized the photos from last year. Have fun watching!

Diversity Ball 2017 Fashion Show dress rehearsal
Diversity Ball 2017 Opening Ceremony
Diversity Ball 2017 Fashion Show
Diversity Ball 2017 Fashion Show