Courage helpdesk

Courage is a cost free and anonymus helpdesk for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders as well as their relatives and is officially recognized by the city government of Vienna. Whan it comes to questions like coming out, relationships, sexuality, mobbing, violence and sexual assaults, Courage is the best way to receive help and advice. Very important to the organization and its staff are descreetness, non-partizanship and supra-denominationality.


  • Personal / over the phone / online
  • Groups: self-help, self-awareness/therapie
  • Crisis intervention: psychotherapeutic / psychologic / psychiatric
  • Social advice
  • Health protection/medical clarification
  • Information / advice on psychotherapeutic / medical / social institutions
  • Legal advice
  • Mediation and violence prevention
  • Supervision