LiebesSpielZeug - Austria's nicest erotic article shop


LiebesSpielZeug- Austria's favourite erotic article mail order company

Whether you visit a swinger club or a fetish party, whether you live out your fantasies in a private setting or at an erotic event - we offer everything you need for your erotic adventure.

Experimental couples can buy exclusive love toys and experience lustful erotic adventures in their own four walls! Whether the partner is surprised or a product is selected together - LiebesSpielZeug has something for (almost) every taste.

With us you will find masturbation machines and erotic furniture, which we deliver to you 100% ready for use. Customer service is especially important to us. From us you get

  • immediately ready for use, pre-installed sex machines and erotic furniture
  • a comprehensible German operating manual written by us
  • attractive prices including free accessories
  • Set offers including specially made boxes for storage

There are many reasons to buy a sex toy: The desire to bring a breath of fresh air into your love life. The interest to try something new. The desire for sexual satisfaction. The desire to live out an erotic fantasy. With LovePlayStuff all these needs can be fulfilled!

LiebesSpielZeug- Austria's favourite erotic article mail order company

In our category Styling & Accessories you will find sexy clothes, original costumes and erotic lingerie.

Whether spanking or bondage, whether dominant or submissive - in our category BDSM you will find a variety of accessories to make your sexual fantasies come true.

In the Bio-drug store you will find all the products you need for a pleasurable erotic experience in the highest quality: organic toy cleaners, organic massage oils, organic lubricating gels as well as vegan and sustainable condoms.

LiebesSpielZeug- Austria's favourite erotic article dealer

In our category Love toys you will find accessories for sex machines, games for couples, selected love toys and erotic gift ideas. A very special highlight: In LiebesSpielZeug des Monats you will find highlights from our LiebesSpielZeug assortment, which you can purchase at a reduced price. In addition, you can look forward to a surprise gift that will make your erotic experience even more pleasurable.

We place the highest value on quality and see our small fine shop as a side street boutique away from the retail giants, where you can browse and be surprised as you please. Live your fantasy!

Live your fantasy!