MiGay - Queer Migrants

According to HOSI Wien, more than 100,000 Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgender and Intersexuals with migration background live in Austria - and are therfore affected by double discrimination - also within the LGBTIQ community. Many of thes LGBTIQ migrants live a double live and the inner hurdles to adress to migrant supportin organizations or autochthonous LGBTIQ organizations are very high.

MiGay started 2009 as place of refuge for all migrants that want to meet like-minded persons or need information, help and support. A multilingual magazine informs about news and activiets and an annual festival for movies with queer migration topics aims to inform a broader audience about queer migrant lives and their problems in our society. Additionally, MiGay conducts extensive lobbying and public relations for Austria’s queer migrant community.