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Invitation to Nevrland

The Austrian filmmaker Gregor Schmidinger is best known for his two short films „The Boy Next Door“ and „Homophobia“, which combined have more than 15 million views on YouTube. Last Friday, the young filmmaker presented his upcoming feature film project with the mysterious title Nevrland at Schikaneder Kino.

#Nevrland Movie Gregor Schmiedinger

Bei Nevrland handelt es sich um ein post-gay Coming-of-Age-Drama und erzählt die Geschichte des 17-jährigen Jakob der eines Nachts zufällig auf den vermeintlich perfekten 26-jährigen Christian in einem Sex-Cam-Chat trifft. Dies ist der Beginn einer transpersonellen Reise zu den Wunden ihrer beider Seelen.

Nevrland is a post-gay coming-of-age drama and tells the story of 17-year old Jakob who by chance encounters the seemingly perfect 26-year old Christian in a sex cam chat. This marks the beginning of a transpersonal journey to the wounds of their soul.

On Friday, Gregor did not only give a glimpse into the two years long screenplay development process, which was funded by the Austrian Film Institute, and read the first 16 pages of the current draft of the screenplay but also launched the first, little crowdfunding campaign for the ambitious feature film project.

Nevrland wants to be more than „just“ a feature film project. While writing the screenplay, Gregor already though about possibilities how to expand the world and its characters beyond the edges of the screen into different virtual and physical spaces. Nevrland therefore wants to be a full-blown transmedia experience.

Everyone who supports the project till February 19th on Kickstarter will be invited to join Gregor on his artistic journey to not only follow the creation but even influence it along the way.