EuroPride Special at Weltmuseum Wien

Aaron Porter

Aaron Porter grew up in the East Grinstead of the 90s and even if he had wanted to, he didn’t fit into his environment. „I knew I was different from everyone else, but I didn’t mind being different.“ Aaron’s songs are about his life, sexuality, broken hearts, the challenge of showing who he really is and toxic masculinity.

Sanni Est

The Berlin-based multimedia artist and trans*feminist activist Sanni Est from Olinda, Brazil turns the Cis-Eurocentric music scene upside down with her „war-cry“ vocals and bubbling synths. Their music is inspired by various influences like Teto Preto, Thom Yorke, Portishead and Afro-brazilian percussion.

Dacid Go8lin

Dafina Sylejmani alias Dacid Go8lin is a rapper, producer, DJ and visual artist. Above all, she is the founder of FEMME DMC, a purely female collective dedicated to hip hop in all its elements.

As part of EuroPride Vienna 2019
supported by the MA 57 - Women in Vienna
Participation: € 19 (12€ reduced)
Meeting point: WMW Forum