schwul Wien Saunas

Gay saunas and bathhouses in Vienna

There are four gay saunas in Vienna. Each of them cater to a slightly different type of men. They are spread all over the city and not in the gay village - with the exception of one.


This is the most traditional, beautiful and internationlally most known bathhause. If you like “Arabian Nights” you will love it. The formerly “Centralbad” in Vienna’s 1st district is not only interesting from an architecutural point of view, but also has a richt history (of gay affairs). Originally given to the Viennese by the Persian Shah on the occasion of the World Exhibition in Vienna, it has evolved into a very popular meeting point for men interested in men of all social and ethnic groups. There was also a scandal with the brother of Emperor Franz-Joseph - Archduke Viktor Ludiwig - who has sexually approache officers of the imperial army on multiple occasions.


It’s the bathhouse most popular with the young and restless in the west of the city. It has been renovated recently and can be found in the basement of the same building of Vienna’s gay-only Hotel Pension Wild. It’s very popular on weekends where many of the boys go for breakfast and more after the huge clubbings in the early moring hours.

Apollo City Sauna

It’s close to the Western railway station and a natural bear (and otter) habitat - not to be confused with Schönbrunn Zoo. If you are a bear or otter or if you like them, Apollo City Sauna is THE best place to go.


There’s not so much to say about it, as it has recently been opened and replaced the “Frisco”. It has an Ancient Rome theme and is very beautifully decorated and clean.