Rosenball 2019

James Bond is a style icon, always ready to act, respectful, and always carrying a secret weapon. But sometimes the spy is cynical, even ruthless.

However, he never fights for himself. He is an agent in Her Majesty’s Secret Service and always stands up for his fatherland and the free world.

In 2019, Miss Candy also follows Her Majesty’s call. Equipped with a license to homeostasis (in ancient Greek: maintaining a state of equilibrium), she stands up for freedom and joie de vivre, for a world of togetherness and diversity! She sends love greetings to Moscow, galantly shows her goldfinger to opponents, gives a quantum of comfort and celebrates with her guests through the night - because tomorrow never dies!


Rosenkavalier Hall

00:00 o’clock
Festive opening polonaise of the dance formation Les Schuh Schuh - Austria’s queer formation dance group
Ballmutti Miss Candy invites her guests to the first dance with the magic words “Alles Walzer”.

Big Opening Show by Miss Candy
Special Appearance by Lucy McEvil and Alexandra Desmond

Giving the Ethics Act Award

International Live-Act: Laing (Berlin) powered by John Harris Fitness
Special Showcase: Adamski (official) (Futurewaltz, GB)


DJ Christopher Just (Rose Ball Resident)
DJ Shane (Ken Club Vienna)

02:30 am
Election for “Starqueen of Heaven 2019”
The freestyle of the best rose ball costume moderated by Tamara Mascara

Heaven Vienna-Floor in the winter garden

Alecante (Sunday Mornings)
DJ Herb! (Heaven Resident/MENtabolism Berlin)
International Guest DJ Duo: JA (Ja-Rec., Miami/Barcelona)

Crown Prince Rudolf Hall hosted by Almdudler

Dead As Disco DJ & Producer (Goodmann)
Mart.i (Astronaughty)

Rofrano Room “Casino Royal”

powered by Casinos Austria